Types of Music

Types of Music Genre To Know

Music is important element in life because it is the source of creativity, joy, and so much more. Not to mention that music can help express emotions or feelings in a way simple words can’t. of course, every individual has different preference when it comes to music but that doesn’t thing to debate over.

Every individual can enjoy the type of music they like. There are also those who are strongly interested in music to the point where they learn music diligently. Pursuing education in music-related subject is not uncommon either.

Types of Music
Types of Music

The types of music or genre itself is considered as the fundamental of music. Every genre has its own specific characteristics that makes it different from one another. It is not about the better or the worse types of music. It is about variety of choices. However, it is also fine if you want to make music without being too specified about the genre.

As mentioned earlier that music is the source of creativity. You can express yourself in your own way through music. There are so many great works in music where various genres are blend together.


Genre, however, can be used as a guide to styles of music. Genres also come from particular musical period. It is also derived from other elements such as techniques and instruments used.

There are different versions of list of types of music or genre. Wikipedia, FreeDB, Allmusic, and Discogs have different version of genre list. And here are the genres that all sources agreed on:

Blues is the type of music that can make you feel laid-back. In American, this type of music genre is so popular. You must have recognized some of the popular musician in this genre. There is also classical music. It is a type of music that has its own complexity from the harmony, sonata, and other important elements. This is the type of music that has been developed from ages ago. Performers of classical music are classically trained.


There are basically many ways in which you can learn classical music. You can attend a program or course, hire a voice teacher, attend college or university, and many more. Self-training is also possible however, being classically trained can help you go further because you learn more than just about playing instruments of classical music but also the basic of stage performance and more.

Classical Music
Classical Music


Then, there is jazz music which comes from and popular in America. When it comes to jazz, some might get it confused with blues or pop. However, they are different music genres.

The most interesting part of jazz is the simplicity of music itself in contrast with the great improvisation showed by the performers. Jazz singers for example, they can improvise a performance of a simple song in jazzy styles through their vocals which makes it thousand times more interesting to enjoy. Jazz music can express so many different emotions from joy to pain.

Folk Music

There is folk music as well. It is a type of music that comes from smaller social group or community. This is passed down for generations through verbal approach instead of writing or reading. It is almost the same as folklore in which a story is told between families.


Folk music is influenced by culture, customs, or tradition of particular social group or community. This folk music is also influenced by political issues in the period of time or linked to particular activities and function in the social group. Folk music today is often used to attract tourists. In some touristy places, you can watch a performance of folk music of the local.

Pop Or Popular Music

There is also pop music or popular music. The example of pop music is the songs you often listen to on the radio. There are many popular pop musicians in the music industry such as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and many more.

Pop music is mostly loved by young people. The characteristics of pop music is catchy beat, repeated chorus, verse-chorus format, and easy-listening. However, pop music often borrows some elements from other styles such as dance, Latin, rock, hip hop, country, folk, and more. Pop music also often appears on record chart impressively.

There might be people who enjoy listening to particular type of music or genre, making their playlist full of songs in that specific genre. However, there might be others who like music in various genre that they create a playlist full of songs in variety of genre as well.

Enjoying music is a personal thing. You are not obligated to follow certain trend when it comes to music. It is true that today, pop, rap, and hip hop are the most consumed types of music. However, there are many types of music you can actually enjoy and appreciate.

Learn More About German Folk Music You Should Know
German Folk Music

Learn More About German Folk Music You Should Know

Learn More About German Folk Music You Should Know. Music is one of the most important elements in life. It is what makes us creative because it is the purest form of creativity. Therefore, it not exaggerating to say that music is also a key to creativity. People who can create music are creative because they constantly develop and improve their mind to be more artistic and ingenious. Music can also express your feelings, emotions, or thoughts. That’s why music is also part of tradition, culture, and customs. It is often used as an artistic element to represent particular culture or tradition in some community or social groups.

Folk Music Is An Example Of How Music And Culture Are Linked To Each Other

Learn More About German Folk Music You Should Know
German Folk Music

Folk music is traditional music that is usually passed down through generations. It is usually passed down verbally instead of through writing or reading process. Every culture in every region around the world may have their own folk music that tells a story or has functions in various activities in their community. Folk music is still music and should be appreciated as a pure form of creativity and cultural elements.

German Regional Music

Learn More About German Folk Music You Should Know
German Regional Music

Germany has also their own folk music coming from different region either from the West or East part of the country. German call folk song as volkslieder and they are often taught to children at young age. They usually have optimistic, cheery vibe to them. However, the country also experienced many changes and it can be seen through various historical occurrences and stories. Their folk music had then featured political activism along with sadness, joy, and passion. The folk music during that time were often performed in various folk scenes. Folk songs in Germany had been incorporated by revolutionary ideas as well. Learn more about german folk music.

There Were Many Types Of Folk Music In A Form Of Folk Songs In Germany

Learn More About German Folk Music You Should Know
Types Of Folk Music In A Form Of Folk Songs In Germany

For example, emigration songs, work songs, as well as songs of apprentices. There were also folk songs in Germany which were oriented to democracy. Political folk songs were also there. Around 1970s and 1980s, many musicians would participate in East German Festival called the Festival des politischen Liedes. Musicians from over 30 countries joined the festival that was considered a great exposure to foreign music.

German Culture

In German culture, there are also Oom-Pah which is a folk music played by the brass bands, as well as Swabian folk music . There is also Bavarian folk music it has played huge role in music development in Germany. Bavarian folk music is also considered the most popular kind of folk music among people outside Germany. Many tourists are interested to know more about Bavarian folk music.

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